Gilles Lasnier

Head of Research & Development and Innovation, CIELE Ingénierie

PhD., Distributed Realtime and Embedded Systems, Model-based Engineering

gilles (dot) lasnier (at)

+33 (0) 1 43 39 44 41

gilles (dot) lasnier

CIELE Ingénierie, 135 chemins des bassins, 94000, Créteil

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2013/05/22 » HLA/CERTI - PtolemyII framework

category: research | tags:  ptolemy  hla  certi  distributed  simulation  discrete-event  heterogeneous  model | author: Gilles Lasnier

During my post-doctoral research, I'm working on cyber-physical systems design and simulation. A first contribution is to develop a framework that allows heterogeneous system modeling and distributed simulation ...


2013/05/15 » Sandbox for my blog's post

category: sandbox | tags:  post  blog  sandbox | author: Gilles Lasnier

Welcome to my first blog post !!! I'll leave this post as a sandbox to test the layout and the functionalities integrated to my blog. More to come... -- Gil ...