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HLA/CERTI - PtolemyII framework

Published on 22 May 2013 by Gilles Lasnier

During my post-doctoral research, I'm working on cyber-physical systems design and simulation. A first contribution is to develop a framework that allows heterogeneous system modeling and distributed simulation. This framework leverages two open-source simulation tools: PtolemyII (UC-Berkeley/CHESS) and HLA/CERTI (ISAE/DMIA and ONERA/DTIM).

The framework takes benefits from PtolemyII for its heterogeneous system modeling and network modeling capacities. Distributed simulation is enable by the use of the HLA/CERTI achitecture. This part of my research work is detailed in [dsrt13] and [msr13] papers. Time management and data commmunication are also explained there.

See the Ptolemy svn page to know how to get Ptolemy and the cooperation framework.

The framework is located in the ptolemy.apps.hlacerti java package. Information to enable the framework and demos are provided.

This work is a joint effort between the Ptolemy's team from the University California Berkeley, the ISAE/DMIA research team and the ONERA/DTIM research team.

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