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Living ISAE, ONERA and Tolosa

Published on 15 November 2013 by Gilles Lasnier

I have finished my postdoctoral position at Toulouse on the TOAST project. This position was a joint effort and an interesting collaboration between the ISAE/DMIA lab, The ONERA/DTIM lab and the UC-Berkeley/CHESS lab. The TOAST project was funded by the RTRA fundation.

During this position, I have investigated a new research area focusing on the simulation of distributed realtime and embedded (DRE) systems. This work was a great complement of my skills about the model-based development of safety-critical systems.

This year was very rewarding not only for my research but also about travels and meetings. I had the great opportunity to discover the south of France and Toulouse, to travel and to work at the UC-Berkeley of California, to discover the west of the United states of America and to meet awesome people such as Floriane, Chloé Benjamin, Momo, Elie, Patricia, William, Charles, etc. I'm sorry to not cite every people here but I have a thought for you all.

I also would like to thanks Pr. Janette Cardoso, Pr. Pierre Siron, Claire Pagetti, Eric Noulard, Pr. Edward Lee, Patricia Derler and Christopher Brooks. It was a great experience to work with you !!!

I hope our paths will cross again but right now its time to take a few months of well-deserved holiday and to get back to Reunion Island to see my family.

After my holiday, maybe a new adventure will start at Paris... but this will be for a new episode...

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